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Roof Installation/
Siding Installation

Do you need help with roof installation or siding installation? Have you tried to search for a company that provides home improvement services? Did you know that you can find a dependable company near you? Yes, if your home is in New London, CT or any neighboring area, you can take full advantage of the services that Landi Home Improvement LLC provides. Landi Home Improvement LLC is a company that provides all the services that you can think of as regards home improvement. The services that we provide include roof installation and maintenance, siding installation, roof replacement, wall repair, installation of doors and windows, installation and replacement of gutters, installation of flooring materials, floor repair, and room addition among others. 

There are numerous reasons why you should try our services. Notably, we are a certified and insured firm. This implies that we meet all the requirements that a contractor like us is supposed to comply with. Secondly, we are a company that is committed to providing our customers with services of the highest quality. To provide excellent services, we have employed competent people to work on all our customers’ projects. What this means is that when you hire us to do any type of work for you, the work will be done professionally. Another point is that we value training as a way of improving the quality of the services that we provide. Our training is focused on preparing our employees for new types of challenges that are related to their work. We also aim to adequately equip our employees so that they can always provide dependable solutions to our customers’ problems.  

Thus, if you are in New London or any of the nearby areas and you need help with any task that is related to home improvement, please contact us.

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